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Ding Ke 丁可

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Format: 2CD

SKU: SM 5023 2008

ISBN: 9787798442526

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents the 2-CD release of composer DING Ke’s (WHERE THE WIND BLOWS, ONE AND FOUR) original television score to the 2023 crime thriller series THE LONG SEASON. Directed by XIN Shuang and starring FAN Wei and QIN Hao, it centers around a murder case that spans two decades in the small town Yelin in northeast China. Ding mobilized his idiosyncratic and rich musical narrative language by using two drastically different genres: jazz and post-rock, resulting in a unique and solemn elegy for the rusted industrial era. The album also features one of the end title songs performed and written by Ding “A Grace Departure.”

The album is supervised by DING Ke. For a better listening experience, we rearranged the album tracks. The first disc is titled “Autumn”, showcasing the jazzy tunes of the retired trio while the second disc is titled “Winter”, presenting the 20-year silent past in a heavy post-rock tone. The two musical narratives eventually converge into a single narrative thread at the end of each disc that reveals the 20-year unknown answers. The album is remastered by Swedish music engineer Thomas Eberger specifically for the CD medium and the artwork is designed by Lu Yutong.

This is a limited edition of 500 units with dual-cover unique numbering.


Disc 1

01. Such a Long Day 02:54
02. Hanging Gardens 02:30
03. Suspicious Movements 01:55
04. Where Did She Come from 01:20
05. The Composed Hero 01:03
06. The Headstream of Dreams 02:14
07. Door Ajar  00:57
08. Falling in Abundance Around You 02:34
09. Where the Heart Lingers 01:29
10. The World of Intimacy 01:48
11. The Arrival of the Mediocrities 01:29
12. Summer Earth 00:59
13. Whispers 00:40
14. City Light 00:59
15. Under the Dome 03:17
16. Risqué Humour 02:15
17. Wordless Sand 01:03
18. Intentions and Sounds 01:56
19. Fumbling in the Clouds 00:38
20. Startled Woodlice 03:01
21. The Ascending Sun 01:17
22. The Heads of Mediocre People 00:58
23. Rustling Raindrops 00:19
24. Mundane Daylight 01:32
25. A Bird from Another Continent 06:22
Disc 2

01. Flickering Lights 01:37
02. Kaleidoscope of Love 02:18
03. Ambiguous Words 01:40
04. I Am Not an Animal 02:02
05. To the Sea 04:31
06. In the Midst of Silence 04:08
07. Who Shall Pluck This Bloom 02:05
08. The Broken Waves 03:59
09. In the Midst of the Sacred Furnace 00:32
10. Muffled Drums 00:56
11. Forget Me Not 03:08
12. Your God Is a Child 02:13
13. Chilling Ripples 01:54
14. Under the Melancholy Sky 04:09
15. Snowfall from the Past 04:40
16. A Graceful Departure 06:04
Performed by Ding Ke