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Peng Fei 彭飞

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Format: CD

SKU: SM 4819 2001

ISBN: 9787798421835

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents a limited edition, world-premiere CD release of Golden Melody Award-winning composer and jazz violinist PENG Fei’s original motion picture soundtrack to MY DEAR LIAR, which was released at the end of 2019. The film is produced by acclaimed director NING Hao, also the feature debut of director SHEN Ao.

The story of MY DEAR LIAR reflects on human nature through an absurd scheme of uxoricide and insurance fraud. The regional background and the variety of the characters provide Peng with rich elements for music composition. His use of small music ensemble is another example of combining pop music writing with Chongqing dialect after the greatly successful CRAZY STONE. He also cleverly highlights film’s dark humor in the form of a cappella with his own vocal, which can surprise the audience from time to time. As usual, Peng makes full use of the idea of writing multiple musical themes in his compositions and applies the themes flexibly to every corner of the music, resulting in a wildly creative score while retaining the dramatic plotline.

The album is produced by composer Peng Fei and mixed and mastered by the renowned music engineer LI Yuesong. The album includes the complete score, as well as the viral song "Incredible" sung by LIU Yan, who plays the female lead in the film, and ZHAO Yingjun's end credits song "Scum". In addition, the booklet also features the liner notes written by director Shen Ao and composer Peng Fei, which are sure to be enjoyable to read.

This is a limited edition of 500 units.


01. Alike? 01:15
02 My Dear Liar 00:55
03. I Chauffeur For The Boss 00:38
04. Accountant Zhong's Morning 00:45
05. Toad and Bean 01:34
Featuring Vocals Cao Guangyu
06. My Prescription 00:52
07. Home 00:48
08. Don't be Scared, Uncle Zhong is Here 00:33
09. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers 01:26
10. Gotta Put Yourself in My Shoes 00:48
11. Sis 00:48
12. I Like that Premium One 00:55
13. Pizzicato Polka 01:34
14. Incredible 03:40
Performed by Liu Yan
15. Not Worthy of You I 01:50
16. Minimally Invasive Surgery 00:35
17. Precious 01:27
Featuring Vocals Su Maolin
18. Who's Child? 00:55
19. My Husband is So Dumb 00:39
20. Not Worthy of You II 00:51
21. Mr Gold, Mr Silver & Mr Iron 00:37
22. My Bad 00:31
23. Make the Spirits High 00:46
24. I Thought I Would Die Alone 02:03
25. Just Want to Spend My Life With You 01:06
26. Bodhisattva is Watching You 01:27
27. Jumping Off 01:04
28. Calm Down 00:30
29. Last Chance 01:06
30. Motocycle 01:05
31. Wait for Me 01:15
32. That's My Wife 03:24
33. Roaring River 03:34
34. Husband 01:06
35. Confession 02:29
36. Ocean 02:18
37. My Dear Liar Reprise 01:46
38. Slag 04:56
Performed by Zhao Yingjun
Bonus Track:
39. Unused Demo 02:26