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Peng Fei 彭飞

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Format: CD

SKU: SM 1020 2002

ISBN: 9787798421835

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents a limited edition, world-premiere CD release of Golden Melody Award-winning composer and jazz violinist PENG Fei’s original motion picture soundtrack to LOST IN RUSSIA, which is the third installment in the "Lost in" franchise directed by and starring XU Zheng after LOST IN THAILAND and LOST IN HONG KONG".

The film once again uses the road comedy genre to focus on the relationship between a mother and son and the relationship between a couple in the context of a mid-life crisis. It also explores current hot topics through an unexpected trip to Russia. The score incorporates a large number of ethnic music elements from Russia, Mongolia, and Anatolia, with full-blown melodies, rich harmonies, and arrangements of strings and woodwinds that pay homage to Italian film score of the 70s, reflecting Peng’s consistently exceptional creativity. The music also utilizes a well-known tradition Russian song "Red Berries in Blossom" as an important source material, and in a scene near the end of the film there is a musical number rarely seen in recent Chinese films. These numerous nostalgic musical elements also precisely pinpoint the aesthetic tendency of the middle-aged male protagonist in the film.

The album is produced by composer Peng Fei and mixed and mastered by acclaimed music engineer LI Yuesong, and includes the complete soundtrack including the source music materials, among which are a snippet of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 performed by the renowned pianist ZHAO Yinyin, previously mentioned “Red Berries in Blossom" sung by Chinese mainland singer Ding Shuang who has recorded numerous Chinese versions of Disney movie songs, and a new rearranged version of " Red Berries in Blossom" sung by Mao Bu Yi in the end credits. It is also worth mentioning that Peng Fei used a full orchestral ensemble for this film and went to Vienna to record with the Synchron Stage Orchestra in order to perfect the musical presentation. Coupled with the exquisite cover art design, 16-page liner notes, and excellent production, we believe this album will bring you a distinctly vintage feel and rich emotional resonance.

This is a limited edition of 500 units.


01. K3/Trans-Siberian Railway
02. Railway Guerrillas 00:00
03. This is My Mother
04. White Rabbit Toffee
05. A Good News, a Bad News
06. Just Like Leon and Mathilda
07. Destiny Blues*
08. A Beautiful Mistake I
09. A Beautiful Mistake II
10. Foe
11. International Call
12. Are You Insane, Bro?
13. Tango at Yekaterinburg Railway Station 00:00
14. Restrained Love
15. Lost Love
16. I Only Live for You
17. Forest and the Bear
18. Mother Bear 00:00
19. Dark Eyes
20. Rags
21. Goodbye My Love I
22. Love and Sorrow
23. On the Other Side of the Frozen Creek 00:00
24. Ivan's Childhood
25. Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.1 Excerpt
Piano Solo by Zhao Yiyi
26. The Curtain Falls
27. Red Berries in Blossom 00:00
Performed by Ding Shuang
28. My Mother I
29. Goodbye My Love II 00:00
30. My Mother II
31. Red Berries in Blossom
Performed by Mao Buyi

*Additional Music