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Luan Hui 栾慧

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Format: CD

SKU: SM 5021 2004

ISBN: 9787798432077

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents a limited edition, world-premiere CD release of young composer LUAN Hui’s original motion picture soundtrack to the animated movie I AM WHAT I AM, directed by SUN Haipeng and produced by ZHANG Miao. Focusing on the “left-behind” children and other social issues, the movie tells an inspiring yet realistic story about how a group of underdog lion dance performers transforms into something truly magnificent. Utilizing multiple musical themes as the barebone, Luan not only fuses the score with lion dance drummings and other Cantonese ethinic music elements, but also pays respect to the Hong Kong martial arts film scoring traditions. The final result is an original score that is both emotional and melodic while maintaining a deeply unique cultural identity.

The album is edited and sequenced under the supervision of composer LUAN Hui and mixed and mastered by the acclaimed music engineer LI Yuesong (Shadow, Youth, Legend of the Demon Cat, Mr Six). It includes the complete original score and 2 songs from the movie. Additionally, director SUN Haipeng, producer ZHANG Miao, and the composer LUAN Hui have provided an exclusive liner notes that gives a detailed look at the behind-the-scenes as well as an authoritative reading of the music.


01. Main Title and the Clash of Lions 02:32
02. Juan 01:44 *
03. Cycling in the Wind 01:22
04. Hero Flower 01:17
05. Shattered Lion Head 01:31
06. Xianyuqiang 01:36
07. Under the Stars 02:17
08. Fly Away 02:44
Performed by Gao Weihao
09. Shifu 02:40 *
10. New Lion Head 00:39
11. Swapping Skills 01:21
12. Praying for a Miracle 03:22
13. The Young Coolie 01:16
14. Last Dance 04:28
15. Competition 01:42
16. A Lion Never Quits 03:53
17. Bench Array Lettuce Picking 03:19
18. The Lion Returns 03:09
19. Leap of Faith 02:19

* Bonus Track