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Ding Ke 丁可

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Format: 2CD

SKU: SM 1423 2007

ISBN: 9787798437744

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents a limited edition, world-premiere CD release of composer DING Ke (ONE AND FOUR,PORT OF CALL) original motion picture soundtrack to the 2022 Hong Kong crime drama WHERE THE WIND BLOWS (also known as THEORY OF AMBITION). Directed by Philip Yung and starring Tony Leung and Aaron Kwok, the film chronicles two notorious corrupt Hong Kong police officers in the span of three decades. Ding Ke utilizes a diverse range of music elements including jazz, ambient, and chance music to present multifaceted stories of love and hate, good and evil. In addition, Ding wrote and performed two original songs, "Je t'aime, mon amour" and "Dog", for the film, as well as adapted and performed the song "Something on Your Mind". All three songs are included in this album. The film was Hong Kong’s official submission to the 95th Academy Awards Best International Film. Ding Ke’s music was nominated for the Best Original Film Score at the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards.

The album is produced by Ding Ke, and the tracks have been rearranged and refined to enhance the listening experience. Swedish music engineer Thomas Eberger provided a remaster for this release. In order to present the complete picture of Ding’s music for the film, this release contains almost all the musical materials in two-disc format. Disc 1 showcasing the essential musical chapter while Disc 2 contains previously unreleased tracks and unused materials. The album cover is designed by renowned poster designer HUANG Yan with Taiwanese designer Yoowen provides additional visuals.

This is a limited edition of 500 units, with dual-cover and golden stamping numbering.


Disc 1

01. Prologue 01:25
02. Dance Boy 02:13
03. Refugee 01:32
04. Casino 04:14
05. Je t’aime, mon amour 02:49
Performed by Ding Ke
06. Unsolved Mystery 01:12
07. Hotel 00:52
08. Dead Fish 05:19
09. Meeting 02:26
10. Night Club 01:23
11. Whisper 02:23
12. Flames of Memory 01:36
13. Flames 03:29
14. Romantic Scene 01:43
15. Another Romantic Scene 01:49
16. Sea of Desire 01:15
17. An Intricate Shell 01:14
18. Something on Your Mind 02:46
Performed by Ding Ke
19. Extraordinary Birds 04:38
20. Human Resources 01:28
21. Growing Old Together 03:41
 Land of the Pure 01:39
23. Each Other 02:35
24. Dog 04:18
Performed by Ding Ke

Disc 2

The Other Side of the Wind

01. The Gang 02:06
02. Sweats 00:46
03. Nicheism 02:56
04. Collective Consciousness 02:45
05. Fragments 02:59
06. Solaris 05:02
07. A Kind of Sadness 04:28
08. Airplane 01:51
09. Leaden Steps 01:26
10. City Folks 02:40
11. Marriage 04:19
12. Tropical 04:25
13. Riverbed 01:24
14. Sentimental Creatures 01:45
15. In the Depth End of the Room 01:58
16. Face of Sorrow 02:58
17. Prisoner 00:56
18. Flickering Ripples 03:18