About Soundtrack Magazine

Soundtrack Magazine(影樂志)is the foremost publication and media outlet in China that focuses on movie music since 2014. Two of our founders are registered members of the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA), the only two in Asia. We are also the column writers for Movie View Magazine in China and the exclusive Chinese collaborator with Film Score Monthly(FSM) in America. Aside from these, we are also a record label that put emphasis on both classic and new releases of Chinese film scores. Our aim is to provide Chinese movie-goers the insight of film music, and bring industry best practices to aspiring Chinese composers, and facilitate conversations between China and the rest of the world on the topic of film music.

Topics that we cover in forms of essays, articles as well as our podcast program The Shockwave (震蕩波)include critique and promotion of new and classic soundtrack releases in China and everywhere else, introduction to the history of the genre, review of concerts and analysis of industry dynamic. On top of these, we also expand our views towards video games, animations, stages and other visual media music. We have conducted exclusive interviews with many top composers in China and around the world, including a dozen Oscar winners and nominees, along with multiple winners and nominees of the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. Soundtrack Magazine also keeps close attention and connections with young and aspiring new talents in the music industry. 

The Soundtrack Magazine record label was established in 2019. Its releases fall into three series, including Classic Film releases, In Theater Film releases and other Visual Music releases. The label’s main focuses are on discovering, restoring, releasing early classic film scores, and presenting popular new ones. They are collectable, niche, and commercially viable, meeting the expectation of listeners, composers and the market.

We also have frequent collaboration with major live-to-screen concert organizers. In July 2018, in collaboration with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, we successfully hosted a Q&A seminar with Mr. Alexander Desplat before his concert debut in China. We have also provided contents for The English Patient Live Concert world premiere, Titanic Live Concert China premiere, Star Wars Live Concerts China premiere, Harry Potter Live Concerts China premiere, and have conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Howard Shore in collaboration with The Lord of the Rings Live Concerts China premiere. We have also aided the renowned composer Tan Dun in drafting a project called Shanghai International Film Music Center.