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Wang Xiaofeng 王晓峰

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Format: CD

SKU: SM 3419 1001

ISBN: 9787798420166

Soundtrack Magazine proudly commemorates the 20th anniversary of POSTMEN IN THE MOUNTAINS with the long-awaited original motion picture score in limited release. As the “Fifth Generation” director HUO Jianqi’s magnum opus, POSTMEN IN THE MOUNTAINS is not only the feature debut of renowned actors LIU Ye and CHEN Hao, it is also a perfect demonstration of implicity in the Chinese aesthetics. In 2001, when released in Japan, it was warmly-received with a record-breaking box office. It won the Best Picture at the 19th Golden Rooster Awards in China, as well as nominated for the Outstanding Foreign Language Film at the 25th Japanese Academy Prize.
The score is composed by the renowned Chinese musician WANG Xiaofeng. By sampling traditional Chinese ethnic music instruments, utilizing synthesizers, and transcending the limitation of bars, Wang created beautiful melodies with universality and thus building a robust collaboration with director HUO Jianqi.
This release is mastered and restored by renowned music engineer LI Yuesong (Shadow, Legend of the Demon Cat, Soul Mate etc.) from the original digital audio tape provided by composer himself. This special release includes exclusive comments from the director and the composer, as well as in-depth liner notes in both Chinese and English. The CD release will also include two bonus tracks in addition to the standard release in vinyl and streaming platforms to ensure the most completed listening experience.
Produced and approved by composer WANG Xiaofeng, this is a limited edition of 1000 units.


01. Mountains 02:30
02. The Mail Route 02:58
03. Father 04:07
04. Young Love 02:34
05. The Village Mailbox 02:49
06. Crossing the Creek 03:27
07. Resting by the Bank 01:39
08. The Cowherd 02:05
09. Paper Plane 02:11
10. The Stone Bridge 02:54
11. Postmen in the Mountains 04:27
Bonus Track:
12. Kam Village 00:50
13. Wind 01:01