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Peng Fei 彭飞

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Format: CD

SKU: SM 5223 2010

ISBN: 9787798442717

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents the CD release of composer PENG Fei’s (MOON MAN, LOST IN RUSSIA) original motion picture score to the 2023 crime drama ENDLESS JOURNEY featuring end title song “The Way” performed by renown singer LIU Huan. Directed by DAI Mo (FIREFLIES IN THE SUN) and starring ZHANG Yi (ASH IS PUREST WHITE), Jerry Lee (THE EIGHT HUNDRED), and Vision Wei (THE EIGHT HUNDRED), the film is based on a true story that revolves around a captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade who was imprisoned after an accident and pursued the murderer suspect alone for twelve years. Peng used a lot of string sounds and some thematic elements in his composition, and conveyed a fearless legend with a rather lightweight music ensemble.

The album is supervised by PENG Fei and mastered by acclaimed music engineer LI Yuesong. The whole new artwork is designed by our longtime collaborator Gavin.

This is a limited edition of 500 units, with silver stamping numbering.


01. Evidence 00:38
02. Cheer Up 01:24
03. Startled Bird 00:50
04. In the Alley 00:37
05. Accidents in the Interrogation Room 02:13
06. You Are No Longer a Policeman 01:29
07. Judgment 01:45
08. I’m In 02:06
09. Duties 00:36
10. Ranger 03:36
11. Portraits 00:32
12. Looking for the Suspect 01:14
13. Keep an Eye on Him 01:35
14. Second Chance 00:34
15. One Man’s Team 01:24
16. No One to Send the Message 02:31
17. Clues 00:49
18. Pathfinding 01:41
19. Opportunities for a Porter 01:36
20. Delayed Justice 01:36
21. The Mission Is Completed 01:49
22. The Way 04:29
Performed by Liu Huan