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Jóhann Jóhannsson, Jonas Colstrup

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Format: Vinyl

SKU: SMLP 2921 1002; SMLP 3021 003

ISBN: 9787798435450

Soundtrack Magazine is proud to present an exclusive limited edition Smoked White/Red vinyl set release of composers Jóhann Jóhannsson (SICARIO, THEORY OF EVERYTHING) and Jonas Colstrup’s (TIGERS, VILLAGE AT THE END OF THE WORLD) original motion picture scores to the award-winning 2014 drama BLIND MASSAGE and 2018 crime thriller THE SHADOW PLAY, directed by LOU Ye (SUMMER PALACE, SUZHOU RIVER). 

Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name written by BI Feiyu, BLIND MASSAGE takes focus on the blind masseur Xiao Ma and tells the intimate story of a blind massage parlor. Within this community, we witness seduction, suffering, and above all, the search for love. With an emphasis on sound and the use of subjective and blurry cinematography, the film excellently recreates the perspective of the visually impaired community. Teaming with soundscape design and piano melody, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Jonas Colstrup’s score contributes significantly to convey the nuanced emotions and psyches of the characters. The film received 6 awards at the 51st Golden Horse Awards, including the Best Feature Film.

Based on real incidents that happened in Guangzhou and set against the backdrop of 30-year economic expansion, THE SHADOW PLAY is a tragic epic of contemporary China. This is the third collaboration between director Lou and composer Jóhannsson, after the success of MYSTERY (2012) and BLIND MASSAGE (2014). The theme of the score is developed and reconstructed from the “Walk in the Dark”, an unused cue from BLIND MASSAGE. The entire score is an industrial chapter that blurred the boundary between music and sound.

The release is supervised by composer Jonas Colstrup, mixed by engineer August Wanngren in Denmark and mastered by score engineer Thomas Eberger in Sweden, with 24 pages of in-depth liner notes by Xinkai “Kevin” Sun based on his interview with the composer. The brand new album art is designed by Soundtrack Magazine’s long-time collaborator Gavin Su, using Japanese gatefold with white and gray colored specialty paper as the main material. The exclusive Smoky White/Red toning works in concert with the dramatic relation between the two films.

This is a limited edition of 404 units, with gold stamping numbering. With BLIND MASSAGE piano sheet music included with the first batch of release as bonus.



Side A
01. Dr. Wang 02:54
02. Beauty 02:00
03. We are One 01:02
04. Sight of Love 02:50
05-08. Desire 05:01

Side B
01. My Blood Wants to Cry 02:54
02. Stray 01:40
03. Unspoken Admiration 02:17
04. If There is an Afterlife 02:09
05. Fate 02:04
06. Blind Massage 09:06


Side A
01. The Shadow Play 04:55
02. Asylum for the Sane 01:00
03. Be Over 01:39
04. Dissipation of Clouds 1:18
05. Be Forgotten 01:37
06. Midnight Highway 04:58
07. Fugitive of a Narrative 01:36
08. Reasonable Doubt 00:56
09. Desolation and Destitution 01:34
10. Alibi 01:60

Side B
01. Gold of Violet and Black 01:02
02. Truth on the Other End 00:57
03. The Play 04:11
04. The Shadow 08:22