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Hua Lun 花伦乐队

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Format: Vinly

SKU: SMLP 0922 2005

ISBN: 9787798433395

Soundtrack Magazine proudly presents a limited edition, world-premiere vinyl release of the original motion picture soundtrack to BEFORE NEXT SPRING. A feature debut of director LI Gen and music by the acclaimed Chinese post-rock band Hualun (An Elephant Sitting Still), the film is based on Li’s own experience in Japan and tells an ensemble story of “limited kinship”, “temporary friendship”, and “possible relationship”. Hualun’s music follows the characters into Nankokute, a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, capturing the dispersion throughout the seasons and providing warmth among the silence. Both Hualun and the director have written an exclusive liner-notes for this release that detailed the behind-the-scenes stories. Additionally, the cover art is designed by the acclaimed artist LU Yunfan.

This is a limited edition of 240 units, with gold stamping numbering.